The AJS and Matchless Archives

This archive contains technical, promotional and editorial articles and papers covering the heydays, decline and fall of the once largest British Motorcycle factory, AMC of London. More than 1.500 pages of AJS and Matchless related papers can be downloaded for free. All content has either previously been reprinted in other relations or originates from long gone printed sources and should therefore be free of copyrights.

The archives has been dubbed Christian's Archives. Rightly they should be named Dave's Archives as a lot of the material was given to me by Dave Campbell in Alaska, who stocked this load of information in his days of editing the North American Newsletter. He kindly handed it on to be preserved for the future and to be utilized by any interested owner of the AMC-marques. If it can help just one more person get and then keep a machine running, it will have been worth the effort. All pages are carefully sampled or written by a number of individuals during the time, and Dave asked me to mention that a great many people did a lot of work to obtain and then maintain this material before he came on the scene. 

A lot new material has since been added with the aid and encourage of the AJS/Matchless Egroups.  To continue expanding and maintaining the archives, any contribution in terms of documents, scans or even a donation would be highly appreciated.

The material listed here is explicit for non-commercial use and is not intended for financial or material gain by anyone. The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print pages from the archives. Some of the articles are more than 3rd generation B/W copy, giving a somewhat reduced quality. 

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